Bathroom Design Ideas

At Room Service Interiors, there are few things we love as much as really stunning, impeccable bathroom design. The way we see it, bathrooms are one of the most vital pieces of a home. From the second you wake up all the way to the moments you spend winding down for the evening, your bathroom serves as an in-home oasis… and the way your bathroom is designed determines your level of zen.

Whether you’re looking for a total bathroom revamp or you want to switch up some small pieces of your decor, we have you covered. Here are some of our favourite bathroom design ideas as of late — so, have fun and get creative.

Brighten up your entire bathroom space

A beautifully bright bathroom design can add a whole new level of relaxation and room to your bathroom. If you’re ready to brighten up your bathroom space, you have a few options! Here are some go-to ways we like to brighten up bathroom space for our Room Service Interiors clients:

    • Paint your walls white!

    • Add in large windows or a skylight to your bathroom.

    • Install white pebble flooring to your entire bathroom floor (shower floor included).

    • If you have a darker bathroom space, install additional lighting.
    • Add all white fixtures (sinks, tubs, etc.)

Elevate your at-home spa

Now, what’s better than an at-home spa in your ensuite bathroom? We love creating spa-like bathrooms for our clients, and we love bringing that oh-so-good spa feeling in our own homes, too. Consider adding a steam shower into your bathroom, leveling up to a claw-foot tub or installing a self-heating floor. There’s also so much joy to be found in simple switches, too — like towel warmers, new fluffy bath mats, an in-bathroom studio sound system or customizable lighting.

Shake things up with some fun additions

Your bathroom design changes don’t have to be huge, massive ones either! Instead, just add in some fun little additions to your bathroom! Here are some of our favourite small (but impactful) bathroom design additions:

    • New hardware on sinks and cabinets.

    • Accent wallpaper on one (or all!) of your bathroom walls.

    • Switch out your mirror.

    • Hang a gallery wall — but be sure to use humidity-proof frames.

    • Try different textures with your backsplash, shower tiles and flooring.

Add some life to your bathroom

One of the most impactful ways you can elevate and cozy up your bathroom design comes from adding some real-life to your bathroom! Consider adding some greenery to your bathroom (you can’t forget to water a plant this way, right?!), place eucalyptus on top of your toilet and around your showerhead, and focus on bringing some outside in wherever you can.

Embrace a small space with great storage

We often hear from clients that they avoid switching up their bathroom designs because their spaces are so small — but small spaces actually speak so well to new designs! Enter: beautiful storage options that totally transform the look of a room. We love wall-to-wall shelving, we’re huge fans of new sinks that offer gorgeous storage underneath and we also love getting creative with glass shelving and under-tub shelving as well.

Now, are you ready to take your bathroom design ideas to a new level with a professional design team at your side? At Room Service Interiors, we’re bathroom design experts — and we’d love nothing more than to make your design dreams come true. Enquire with us here.