Confessions of an Interior Designer- My Home Office Desperately Needs a Makeover…

Spring ’23 – One Room Challenge Week 1

Are you ready to hear a juicy confession? My home office is capital “F” Fugly! It’s the place where I spend most of my day, yet I haven’t given it any love or attention. It wasn’t until I hired my Design Assistant Charlene a couple of months ago that it felt like it should be a priority. It was barely functioning for one person, so how could it work for two on those days when we were together?

There is no way this desk could work for two people.

I decided the only way to approach this was to treat myself like a client and run my office renovation through our standard design process. Enter the One Room Challenge – because who doesn’t love a little accountability and pressure, am I right?

So where did we start? With a Discovery Call, of course. And who better to ask the questions than myself? I mean, I already talk to myself, so it was a no-brainer. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: “Tell me about your project.” Also me: “Well, it’s my home office. It’s a disaster. I have a ton of samples that I use in my work, but they’re not easy to access because they’re stored in the basement. I can barely function in there, and now that Charlene is here, I need a different desk arrangement. Plus, it’s ugly as sin. Everything in there has to go! I need a functional, beautiful space that I can share and even take client meetings in.”

Samples, samples, everywhere. Currently, 90% of my samples are stored in my unfinished basement. Once all of these goodies are moved to my office, our basement can be completed.

Me: “When do you want to start?” Also me: “Right now! The One Room Challenge finishes in 8 weeks, and I want this project done by then. Can you do it?”

Me: gulp “We’ll have to look at our schedule, but it’s possible. Do you have a budget in mind?” Also me: “Not really. How about $15k all in, not including design fees?”

Me: “That should be doable, but it depends on the level of furnishings and finishing you have in mind. We’ll send you our Interior Renovations Investment Guide to help you figure it out. And I’ll also send you our Design Questionnaire so we can get started. Please keep in mind that if we need to add any electrical or make structural changes, that will impact your overall budget. “

And just like that, we’re off to the races.

Tune in next week for Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and see how we plan to turn this Fugly office into something fabulous, with the help of some amazing design partners. All in 8 weeks – like a crazy person. But hey, that’s just how we roll.


Until next time,

Michelle x