Rocky View County Refresh & Renovation

“Whatever You Want Dear, As Long as it Has a Wine Bar”


Deb & Bayne were introduced to me by a previous client of mine and their realtor. They had just purchased a home outside of Cochrane and were looking to brighten it up and add in colour. It was only after meeting virtually that we put two and two together and figured out that we could see their home from my own (talk about a short drive to work)!


Deb & Bayne hired me to refresh the entire kitchen of their new home and oversee some minor renovations and finish updates for the remainder of the home. The overall condition and layout of the home was great, but a combination of north facing windows and slate and wood finishes had created a home lacking in the light and colour that the homeowners were drawn to. We selected a new palette of navy, white, brass and black and layered in textures to create a classic kitchen and updated space that reflected a combination of Deb’s love of all things country/farmhouse and her experiences as an expat living in Europe. The trick…the renovation needed to be completed before they moved in, preventing any visual cues based on their existing art and furnishings.

  • We cut down the eating bar to counter height & removed the false panel at the end of the peninsula so that the cook-top island visually lined up (details matter). The cabinets throughout the kitchen and 2nd floor living space were then prepped and sprayed in a classic navy and soft white.

  • We removed the black granite countertop in both the kitchen and laundry room, replacing it with that gorgeous Cambria Portrush quartz. We love the specks of gold that pick up on both the new faucet and pendant lights for that extra bit of “wow”!

  • The built in desk was removed, allowing just enough room for not one, but two wine & beverage centres. Hello priorities…

  • We replaced the slate backsplash with a gorgeous bright Moorish ceramic tile.

  • We layered in more colour by replacing all of the main floor tiles with tiles patterned in blues reminiscent of a European farmhouse.


Switching out the carpet to a subtle neutral Moroccan pattern, adding new light fixtures in the colour palette and adding elegant Belwith-Keeler champagne bronze pulls created a seamless transition between old and new.


3.5 months