Some Inspiration for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

At Room Service Interiors, we LOVE creating beautiful modern bathroom design concepts — for so many reasons. First of all, remodelling your bathroom has the potential to improve your mornings and set you up for a successful day. Next, we’re convinced that the bathroom is the OTHER heart of the home so it should get some serious love too. And because your bathroom is used for everything from getting ready in the morning to winding down at night, it just makes sense that it should be as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Today, we wanted to share a few ideas for modern bathroom design that we’ve been loving. Bookmark this post and come back to it when it’s time to elevate your bathroom space!

Wait… what do you mean by modern design?

Let’s start off by addressing the elephant in the room – the myth that modern design means cold and stark. Modern design can really mean one of two things: first, it can refer to the sleek, clean architectural style so popular these days. An emphasis on simplicity, natural materials, neutral/earthy colours and a function- the first tenet (my favourite) can be timeless and warm. Second, it can refer to updated pieces and designs that integrate technology and reflect the current day. For the sake of this article, we’re going to pull on a little bit of both… so choose which you’d like!


Interior Design: Michelle Fleischhacker, Room Service Interiors
Photo credit: Michelle Johnson

Our Favourite Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Embrace nature.

There’s no limit to the natural elements you can integrate into your modern bathroom design to create a zen-like warmth. One of the biggest modern bathroom design trends we’ve seen lately involves utilizing pebbles in a bathroom space, and it’s gorgeous! Add in some pebbles to your bathroom to really level up the spa factor, and get creative with them! We’ve seen them act as flooring, tiling in a shower and even as decoration in pretty glass containers. As a bonus, utilizing natural elements in your space has been proven time and again to reduce anxiety and stress.

Install technology in the bathroom.

Your bathroom is a multipurpose space, and there’s a ton of technology you can integrate within the design to really improve the experience. Add in some top-notch tech with music therapy (aka, a surround sound system), consider heating your floors and tiles (hello!), or install dimmable LED mirrors for beautiful light. If budget allows, elevate your experience by installing a smart mirror with built-in television and music or perhaps one with voice-activated LED lights and its own Alexa.

Try out unique looking fixtures and sinks.

One of the great things about modern bathroom design is that it holds space for you to add some super impactful focal points. Consider a really unique sink (such as a hand-chiselled stone one), install a glass cabinet for your vanity or try out different light fixtures and cabinet pulls that draw the eye. You can still keep that clean vibe while adding in some truly stand-out pieces such as this wood and metal Brizo widespread faucet set created in conjunction with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Elegant, warm and absolutely striking!!


Open up the floor plan.

The modern design emphasizes simplicity, so it makes sense that it often goes hand in hand with open floor plans, so why not take that same approach to your bathroom design? If you have a closed-off floor plan in your bathroom (for instance, a toilet in a smaller room), consider knocking down any walls to create an open, adjoined space within your bathroom’s walls. Think light and airy with fresh, clean lines.

Add furniture.

While less is always more when it comes to modern design, don’t be afraid to add in some furniture! We absolutely love including carefully selected furniture like chairs and tables (small ones, of course) in bathrooms to add in some depth, and it’s a modern design technique that can really add visual interest as well as function to your bathroom. Just make sure it’s water-resistant!

Are you ready to level up your bathroom with a modern bathroom design that elevates your entire space? Our Calgary-area team would absolutely love to help you out.Find out more here.