The 3 Things You Should Consider Before Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

Any homeowner wouldn’t disagree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where family gathers, a place for deep conversation, a place to make cookies, it’s the room most visited in the house, it’s where homework happens, and where meals and memories are made.

Nail the design and you’ll be happy for years to come. Get it wrong, and it has the potential to be a source of frustration.

More than any other room of the house, the kitchen needs to be well thought out in order to function well for you and your family.



Take Inventory of Everything You Store in Your Kitchen

The first step? Take inventory. And I mean this quite literally.

Get out your pen and paper, or laptop, and think about how and where you use all your items. From toasters to frying pans, and air fryers to knives, make a physical list of the items you have and want to keep in your kitchen.

This will help you establish what you need in the next step.

Think Inside the Box

If you’ve ever lived in a spec or builder grade home, you know that it often feels as though the kitchen is just a series of empty cupboards with no thought to the function of the family that would live there one day.

When each of those “boxes” is carefully considered with an eye to a homeowner’s storage needs and use, life inside your home is so much easier.

Imagine yourself inside your new kitchen. What would it look like if there was a place for everything and everything was in it’s place?

Now, let’s take to take into consideration everyone who uses the space.

No Man (or Woman) Is an Island

Even if there is a primary person who uses the kitchen most frequently, ALL family members should be taken into account when planning your kitchen.

Is there only one cook in the kitchen at a time or is there sometimes more?

If you only have one cook at a time, you can get away with a 36” walkway, but if you have two, consider a minimum of 42”.

Are there kids or teenagers in and out grabbing snacks?

Ideally, you would create a space that they can dart in and out without interfering with the chef on duty.

What about Fido? Do you plan to feed your pet in the kitchen?

Plan your walkways and appliance clearances prior to construction to ensure convenience and ease of movement for all.

Build A Functional Kitchen

The best kitchens are built with careful consideration and planning. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ for your lifestyle and space.

When you build your own custom kitchen, you are able to suit it best to your needs and the needs of your busy family. Let me help guide you through this process.